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Wedding Photography Styles

You are starting to organise your big day and with that comes the task of finding a professional wedding photographer. You may seek recommendations from friends or relatives or throw a post on a wedding buy/sell swap page asking for recommendations but finding the right wedding photographer can be so much more that that.

There are a large variety of different styles of wedding photography with each photographer having their own unique way about constructing a wedding day.

Questions to ask yourself are what wedding images draw you in, what is it about a photographer's work that makes you stop and look again, is it this style of wedding photography that you can see for your day?

With every photographer’s style being different is important to figure out which wedding photography style is the perfect fit for you and your day.

I will explain 5 of the most common styles of wedding photography-

Classic Photography

These are the photos that stand the test of time, they are the images that you are used to seeing in your grandparents wedding albums. A classic wedding photographer will concentrate on getting the more formal photos, they will reflect reality but they may compose a moment to make a striking, gorgeous but formal image. A classic photographer will arrange groups and families for those portrait shots that will be incredibly important in years to come. A classic photographer will also frame a bride and groom into a pose that will show the magic in an ordinary moment. Although the current wedding photography trends are moving away from classic wedding photography there are some elements to classic wedding photography that is important to incorporate into every wedding day. 

Artistic Photography

Artistic wedding photography will usually attract adventurous couples, untraditional couples and an artistic wedding photographer will have a tendency to shoot with a wide lens to put their couple in a scene. A artistic wedding photographer will be creating art while capturing the story within a wedding day. They will be staging wedding images that are shot with a narrative in mind, will pay attention to lighting, background, and composition. Some artistic wedding photographers will creatively construct images which will appear to be very artsy and have an almost airy quality.

An artistic wedding photographer is always looking for special ways to capture a couple and their story.

Lifestyle Photography

Lifestyle photography is a type of candid photography with some direction and styling. It is capturing real-life situations with genuine emotion. A lifestyle photographer will have an approachable feel and aim for a relaxed result. The goal of this style of photography is always to put the subject in the best light without intruppting the scene as much as possible. Wedding photographers shooting in this style show a couple’s life, love, and the big event in a genuine and realistic manner.

A lifestyle wedding photographer will look for those moments happening in front of them and add a few composition tricks that give that image a magical feeling.

Dramatic Photography

Lighting is the key element to dramatic photography. Dramatic wedding photographers will bring in their own lights to be in control. These photographers will create images, regardless what the sun is doing, what the weather is doing and what the location is doing, with artificial lights to create dramatic and sometimes artistic images.

Documentary Photography

Documentary wedding photograph (also known as wedding photojournalism) is the style of photography of taking pictures of people candidly and without them noticing. A documentary photographer is aiming to have nothing highly posed, lots of candid photography and to represent the moments through a wedding day exactly as they happen. A documentary wedding photographer will try to go unnoticed whilst photographing the events of a wedding day .

Which style defines Ally Ward Photography

Ok, so I have discussed the five main styles within Wedding Photography but you may be asking which style is Ally Ward Photography. Upon self analysis I'd say I am a mixture of three styles, Classic, Lifestyle and Documentary wedding photography.

I love to start a wedding day by capturing the relaxed getting ready stage of a wedding day in a lifestyle/documentary style. During this time there are lots of special moments between the bride and her attendants, tears of joy, special touches and emotional hugs right before the bride is ready to leave.

I always approach a ceremony in a documentary style by capturing the moments as they are happening. I will watch and observe and document all the important bits through my lens without intervention.

After the ceremony I will capture the congratulations from guests in a candid style witnessing all the moments that hold true and genuine emotion.

I then like to capture those family and guests photos in a classic style as these are the images that will have significant importance after the wedding and in the years to come.

I approach bridal portraits with a mixture of all three styles. I will direct and compose some images but I will also have my eyes open for those special intimate moments that occur between a newly married couple. I love Tasmania and I will always try to incorporate our amazing Tasmanian landscape for those images that will be the ones that you want to display on the wall.

At a reception I will mostly shoot candid images and blend into the crowd to capture the moments as they happen. I don't want to intrude on your party with family and friends but I do want to make sure that the big moments are captured for you.

Aside from all of this most importantly to me isI want you to feel comfortable. I will be with you and following you around all day so I want you to feel at ease with me and know that because you have researched my work and my styles that you are confident that I will capture your day in a way that is perfect to you.

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