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Kaitlynn & Jordan, Thorfield Gardens, South Riana, TASMANIA WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER

Updated: May 21, 2019

The North-West Coast, Tasmania has the best of both worlds when it comes to wedding days!

In February 2019 a intimate garden wedding ceremony was held at Thorfield Gardens, South Riana. Kaitlynn, the stunning bride, walked through the box hedges of Thorfield Garden that providing a natural aisle to where Jordan, the handsome groom, was eagerly awaiting his bride.

With the rolling hills of Riana as the perfect backdrop, Jordan and Kaitlynn made their lifelong commitment to each other in a ceremony officiated by marriage celebrant Julie Poole.

Once the formalities were over Jordan and Kaitlynn were able to relax and have their love for each other captured in the surrounds of the garden by Ally Ward Photography. Family and friends also took the opportunity to jump in and have a photo taken with the bride and groom.

Now to where Tasmania shows its versatility. A short drive down to the coast and Kaitlynn and Jordan were able to capture their first amazing beach sunset as husband and wife on the Ulverstone Beach. These are the images worthy of being displayed on the wall for years to come.







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