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Helen and David took the pressure out of planning the perfect wedding by eloping to the perfect location of Falmouth on Tasmania's East Coast. For those of you who don't know, Falmouth is located on the East Coast of Tasmania. It has a small collection of houses, that are mostly shacks and holiday rentals, that are located on a low cliff top overlooking the Tasman Sea.

Helen and David's elopement had just the perfect amount of no fuss with Helen and her bridesmaid, Danielle walking down the road and across a small beach track to the ceremony, where David was waiting for her on a small sandy patch of beach that is surrounded by grey rock. Helen held a simple bouquet of spring Iris' during an intimate and meaningful ceremony hosted by Caroline Bentley from www.elopetotasmania.com.au.

After the magic moments of the ceremony were captured, David, Helen and attendees collected a few more memories before retiring back to their holiday home for a perfect and intimate wedding night in with close friends.

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