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Family Portrait Session} Taylors Beach, Bay of Fires, East Coast.

Now many have heard me say that I love living in Tasmania and as a photographer I truely appreciate the wild and beautiful landscapes. Residing on the East Coast and close to the Bay of Fires I am never short of crystal-clear waters, white sandy beaches and orange lichen-covered granite boulders to hold a family portrait session.

I decided that Taylors Beach in the Bay of Fires was the perfect location to hold Jenna's family portrait session with her parents who were visiting from Canada.

I absolutely love photographing this family. Lincoln and Hunter are brothers who are full of life. They love to explore, have vibrant personalities and love the water. These two find fun and adventure wherever, creating little games as they go. My job was to get a few decent photos of them before their thoughtfully planned outfits became saturated. I think I achieved that goal, but only just!!!

Greg and Bonnie I hope you love the photos of your gorgeous little grandsons and that the beautiful Bay of Fires look great on your walls in Canada.

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