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Hello, my name is Ally Ward, I am 38 years old, I live on the East Coast of Tasmania with my husband and stepdaughter and I love to capture people’s lives and special events through my lens. 

I’m a self-taught photographer, constantly learning and growing my business.  I believe that you never stop learning with photography. I also believe that style can not be taught, it is a passion that is held within and it is an extension of your own personality. To me every photograph tells a story of emotion, whether it be laugher, happiness, sadness, reminiscing about a place visited or a moment lost. I believe that as life goes on memories fade but a photograph will freeze a moment forever.

I aim to provide a fun, relaxed & friendly environment to capture your special moments whether it be a wedding, the birth of a child or family photos to treasure forever. I prefer to use natural light and love to shoot outdoors, and I especially love to shoot in the “golden hour”. Poses can be great fun but those candid shots, especially with children, are always the most beautiful & timeless photos.

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